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EMPLOYEES ARE TRAVELING MORE FREQUENTLY AND FARTHER ACROSS THE GLOBE. For many years, companies large and small have used 58 Stars’ corporate travel management services because we are a business travel agency that offers competitive travel pricing, ability to manage budgets more effectively, technology and booking tools, and corporate discounts—all with a human touch. In an age of video conference calls and direct messaging, one-to-one human connection is still crucial, so our corporate travel services will get you there on time, and in budget, so your team can complete the project, present the case, and close the deal. We’re a travel management company, offering harmony between technology and human connection, in delivery business travel management services. 58 Stars is at your service to make sure your teams are taken care of, every step of the way.

The trusted business travel agency
& travel management company

58 Stars is a corporate travel company that is trusted because we give each client individualized attention and customize every travel program to achieve their business travel management objectives.

  1. A Corporate Travel Company Providing Solutions

    We are a corporate travel company that creates custom travel solutions for your business to get the most efficient and cost-effective travel services for your company

  2. Customizable Service Model

    We customize a service model that best suit your needs, featuring full-service human connection or online booking tools developed just for your business travel management services.

  3. Highly Competitive or Discounted Hotel Rates

    We can offer discounted hotel rates below market rate through preferred vendor partnerships. We’re a travel management company that understands the competitive nature of business travel and are ready to help.

  1. Custom Technology & Booking Tools

    We can create a co-branded travel portal with a custom online booking tool that is accessible from your employees’ laptop or smartphone.

  2. Reporting & Tracking

    As a quality corporate travel company, we are proud to provide our clients with a customized reporting with a view of overall travel spending.

  3. 24/7 Customer Service

    Always on and constantly connected, we are a travel management company that makes sure you always have access to us.

  1. Agent-Assisted Booking Capabilities

    We’re a business travel agency that offers agent-assisted bookings, to maintain that human touch.

  2. Trip Changes & Cancellation Management

    We understand plans change and can help you 24/7 to make sure you get to your destination.

  3. Custom Approval Processes

    We can build pre-trip approvals into your bookings for better internal management.

  1. Multiple Department Coding

    Tracking capabilities so that each department can track separately.

  2. Business Reviews

    Quarterly business travel agency reviews so you can see how your travel expenses are tracking for the year.

College, university, and state travel management

In addition to business travel management, 58 Stars has extensive experience with higher education and state agencies to deliver higher education travel management services that provide a customizable service model, agent-assisted booking, and travel policy enforcement. We know that higher education and state travel has unique requirements and we have the experience to answer the questions and get to a solution. Our travel management company offers custom, co-branded web portals, and online booking tools that provide customers the ability to book directly, while also offering agent-assisted booking. In addition, we can work closely with sports departments within higher education to deliver quality and custom services, managed effectively and efficiently.