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<strong style=”color:#fff; font-family: ‘Gilroy’, Sans-serif !important;”>SOME OF THE MOST MEANINGFUL TRAVEL EXPERIENCES ARE THOSE THAT IMMERSE YOU IN A PERSONAL PASSION.</strong> Custom-crafted trips designed around the interests that inspire you, taken to the next level of personalization. We are luxury travel agent specialists with deep connections around the globe and unrivaled vacation experience, ready to assemble an experience-focused vacation where you’re doing what you love in the most renowned locations. Ski the famous peaks of South America. Take a culinary tour along the Mediterranean. Find your peace on a spa and wellness vacation in the islands. Or take a humanitarian vacation to Guatemala and help teach sustainable farming techniques. Whatever style of trip you want to embark on, we’ll arrange every last detail of your custom trip so that you can focus on your pursuit. At 58 Stars luxury custom travel agency, we believe that experience-based vacations like these can be the most fulfilling – the perfect blend of two things that drive all of us: travel and passion.

Innovative corporate travel management

58 Stars is a corporate travel agency that delivers the tools needed to stay competitive in business travel, while always maintaining a human connection. The tools that make up our corporate travel services include:<br><br>Corporate travel solutions<br><br>Customizable service model<br><br>Highly competitive, or discounted hotel rates, courtesy of our network partnerships<br><br>Custom technology and booking tools, as well as a custom web portal development<br><br>Reporting and Tracking<br><br>24/7 Customer Service<br><br>Agent-assisted booking capabilities<br><br>Trip changes and cancellation management<br><br>Custom approval processes, to allow for better internal management<br><br>Multiple department coding<br><br>Business reviews<br>

Innovative corporate travel management

58 Stars has extensive experience with higher education and state agencies to deliver higher education travel management services that provide a customizable service model, agent-assisted booking, and travel policy enforcement. We offer custom, co-branded web portals and online booking tools that provide customers the ability to book directly, while also offering agent-assisted booking. In addition, we can work closely with sports departments within higher education to deliver quality and custom services, managed effectively and efficiently.

Business-leisure services

Our corporate travel services are superior because we understand that there is more to corporate travel management than meetings and conference rooms. At 58 Stars, our corporate travel planning professionals will help you figure out how to make the most of your destination after the business is done. Companies are learning that employees who take vacations and disconnect from work for a bit are happier and far more productive. Thus, there’s an increasingly popular trend in luxury corporate travel of which we’re at the center. It’s called “bleisure”. That is, the blend of business and leisure travel in which companies allow employees to add vacation days to the beginning or end of their business trips. Luxury corporate travel clients engage us for their bleisure needs because of our demonstrated ability to handle the corporate travel planning. We make these connections work seamlessly, giving employees a refreshing travel experience far beyond the conference room. Your employees are hard workers, and successful companies understand work-life balance. So, let our corporate travel planning agency pull a program together for you that promotes the idea of work-life balance and how bleisure can work for the company and its employees.<a href=”https://58starstravelcom.bigscoots-staging.com/corporate-travel/#”></a>


58 Stars is a luxury corporate travel agency, specializing in corporate travel management, corporate travel planning, corporate travel services, corporate travel solutions, business leisure services and more. We are a leader in corporate travel solutions because our global connections run deeper and further—from airlines, cruise lines, hotels, tour companies, resorts, and more—which gives us an unmatched advantage in delivering amazing luxury tours for our clients. Luxury corporate travel means more to us than just 5-star hotels. It means crafting a personalized luxury corporate travel itinerary and delivering it to you. We love travel. And we’d love to be your corporate travel agency, offering corporate travel solutions. Let’s talk.