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THIS IS A CONTINENT STEEPED IN GLORIOUS BACKSTORY. OF GRANDNESS AND RUGGEDNESS. WHERE THE BEAUTY HAS MANY LAYERS — ONE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE NEXT. A luxury Europe tour offers monumental history, incredible cultural diversity, dynamic landscapes, action-packed nightlife, and incredible food that changes from region to region. When you’re on a 58 Stars’ luxury European vacation, you’ll see history come alive — and you’re experiencing the excitement center stage. The continent is rife with some of the most incredible and pivotal history of any place on Earth. And its huge diversity of scenery is positively spectacular – from the majesty of the Alps to the rugged highlands of Scotland, to Norway’s fabulous fjords, your eyes will be dazzled by one stunning photo moment to the next.

We’ll craft a custom European vacation that delivers historical, cultural, and culinary adventures in the most luxurious and authentic way — just for you, from an insider’s perspective, with access to experiences and luxury Europe tours you’d be hard pressed to find on your own. From luxury Italy tours to luxury Greece vacations, 58 Stars will custom craft your experience to fulfill your travel dreams.


Italy is home to some of the world’s finest art and architecture, well-preserved ruins, amazing coastlines and vineyards, and renowned food culture. You can experience whatever you desire on a luxury Italy tour – we’ll arrange every detail. Northern Italy’s snow-capped mountains of the Italian Alps and majestic Lake Como. Astounding history and ruins of Rome and beyond. The golden vineyards of Tuscany. The awe-inspiring coastline of Amalfi. What is your dream luxury Italy tour? 58 Stars will make it happen — and make it unforgettable.


As the epicenter of all things beautiful, romantic, and refined, France is unparalleled as a destination for new and seasoned travelers alike. A luxury French vacation could include fashion, art, or cuisine — or you can take it all in at once. France has it all — the French Alps for premier skiing, Bordeaux for some of the best wines of the world, Provence for amazing beaches, and Paris for romance, culture, and history.

Spain & Portugal

The passion of Spain is something to behold. Its people are full of life, love, and curiosity. Be enthralled by Gaudi’s architectural wonders in Barcelona. Go pintxo hopping in San Sebastian in the Basque region. Brave the bull in Pamplona. Relax in the tranquility of the beautiful islands of Mallorca and Menorca. Then head west to charming, distinctive Portugal to experience dazzling architecture, the crimson cliffs of the Algarve, sunbathing on the sand of the Madeira, and the fresh seafood and local wine from Lisboa.

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From the splendor of London to the discovery of historic homes and castles dotted around the UK countryside, to the highlands of Scotland, the United Kingdom delivers unique and breathtaking experiences. In London, you can spend days experiencing everything that the city has to offer – Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, high tea at a purely English café, the gardens of Hyde Park. Explore Stonehenge, the gorgeous gardens that are clustered throughout the country, the Cardiff Castle in Wales, or the cliffs of Dover. Scotland features some of the best coastlines and most scenic countryside’s in the world, as well as its famous Scotch whiskey. Beloved Ireland offers remarkable sights. Explore vibrant Dublin or embark on a custom European vacation through the intimate countryside.

Greece & Croatia

History, culture, and beauty abound in Greece and Croatia. Your luxury Greece vacation begins by exploring the antiquities of Athens, Olympia, and Delphi. Relish the beautiful sunsets, golden sandy beaches, and mouth-watering cuisine of Santorini and Mykonos. Marvel at the astonishing beauty of Crete, where you can explore the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, the castle, and endless turquoise beaches. Sail along the Dalmatian Coast to Croatia and explore Croatia’s beautiful seaport of Dubrovnik, Diocletian’s Roman Palace in the city of Split, or Plitvice Lakes National Park. Immerse yourself in the culture, the architect, and the host of extraordinary moments during your luxury Greece vacation or Croatia travel.

Iceland & Scandinavia

Scandinavia and the Nordic countries offer dramatic landscapes of fjords, glaciers, volcanoes, and forests, making them epic adventure destinations with astonishing beauty. Scuba dive with whales in Norway, observe polar bears and take in the stunning Northern Lights. Enjoy the beauty of Sweden where you can explore the Royal Palace of Stockholm and the fantastical ABBA museum. A custom Europe vacation isn’t complete without experiencing Iceland, the land of fire and ice. With 4,500 miles of glacier, it has an end-of-the-earth reputation that many people can’t get enough of, with powerful waterfalls, bubbling hot springs and miles of wild, untamed scenery.

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic & Slovakia

Central Europe is filled with a mix of age-old traditions and forward-thinking ideals. Germany delivers beautiful countrysides with quaint villages, thick forests, romantic river valleys, and vast vineyards. Explore its picturesque Rhine Valley, home to a staggering 40 castles, and Berlin, a city replete with incredible museums. Austria delivers the high hills and gorgeous landscapes of Salzburg, and the history and beauty of Vienna. Switzerland offers the delightful Lake Lucerne and some of the preeminent ski slopes of the Alps. Hungary’s Budapest has quickly become one of Europe’s premier destinations with its architecture and history. Prague in the Czech Republic is abundant with medieval architecture and artistic creativity. On your custom European vacation, 58 Stars will take care of all the details, including transfers, so that you can experience all that Central Europe has to offer worry-free.


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