THERE’S AN UNDENIABLE INTIMACY YOU’LL EXPERIENCE ON BOUTIQUE CRUISES. The sights, the smells, the interactions both on the boat and off. When you travel through a region on a small craft, everything is closer to you, as if you’re not even on a boat at all, but rather, part of the country and its landscape. It’s a more personalized, small-group experience that allows you to explore more deeply and engage more wholly. Choose the small craft that suits you, from full-sail schooners to small luxury cruise lines to expedition vessels. No matter which craft you choose, no matter where you travel, you’re in for a travel experience like none other.

The luxury of a large ship experience, the personalization and agility of a small one.

Windstar Cruises

The magic of Windstar boutique cruises is in their incredible personal service. The crew will remember your name, remember what you like to drink with dinner, will steer you clear of the crowds and immerse you in local culture. Windstar boutique cruises offers private yacht style cruising with complimentary private events at small port destinations in Alaska, Asia, Greece, Tahiti, Caribbean, and many more.

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Lindblad Expeditions

A Lindblad-National Geographic expedition is an exhilarating adventure cruise experience that is highly unique. Discover the planet’s most remarkable places, accompanied by knowledgeable experts who will enlighten all you see, and with the tools to explore up close and personally. As one of the premier small luxury cruise lines, their fleet of ten nimble, intimately scaled luxury cruise ships travels to Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Antarctica, and Arctic regions.

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Star Clippers

Star Clippers fleet of tall ships sail to some of the world’s most beautiful and far-flung locations on the planet. These full-sail schooners are a unique cruising experience that allow you to feel that water as you move through it. Their boutique cruises set sail in the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Southeast Asia, and across oceans.

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