AN AMAZING THING HAPPENS WHEN YOU TOUR A COUNTRY LIKE A LOCAL. The food markets are more authentic. The views are unobstructed. The temples are off the beaten path. Our planet is filled with some incredible places and cultures, and our passion is building custom tours for our clients with itineraries full of insider access, local knowledge, and in-country specialists. Rare interactions and experiences paired with a level of luxury beyond compare. It’s what happens when you work with an experienced luxury tour company, like 58 Stars. From luxury escorted tours and private custom tours, to luxury African Safaris, to community-based tour experiences, we help make the amazing happen.


Luxury African safaris

The unspoiled natural beauty of Africa will leave you speechless. Spellbound. In awe and in love. And safaris are perhaps the epitome of African beauty. We work with some of the best luxury tour companies in Africa to deliver a safari experience of a lifetime. We’ll start with a conversation. Would you love to wake in a 5-star tree house in the heart of Africa to see a giraffe munching on some leaves a few meters away? Do you prefer luxury hotel-style accommodations with spacious rooms and fine restaurants? Would you want a small safari? Or a luxury walking safari? These questions are just the beginning as our African safari travel agent specialists develop African Safari itineraries and luxury escorted tours that deliver that dream experience and impeccable service you’re craving.

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Luxury private & FIT tours

Sometimes you’re looking for an experience that is highly customized to you. It’s crafted, based on all of your interests and takes you outside the eyes of a tourist and allows you to experience the trip like a local would experience it. And, that may include your own private guide, or a private helicopter that drops you in some of the most secluded areas of the world. Or, maybe you’re interested in exploring a ruin with a personal docent. With our many years of experience as a premier luxury tour company and countless connections around the globe, we have built valuable relationships with the world’s best tour operators and in-country operators who offer expertly planned FIT (free independent traveler) custom-crafted tours. These experiences focus on custom tours that are built for each person, ideal for the traveler who prefers private tours over larger group itineraries.

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Luxury escorted tours

Pick a place in the world. Any place. And we’ll deliver for you a luxury tour experience that satisfies your wanderlust and makes your journey extraordinary. Luxury escorted tours allow you to experience your destination of choice in a more meaningful way, have deep conversations with local guides and people, and meet like-minded travelers from around the world. We are known as a quality luxury tour company because our relationships with escorted tour operators run deep, so we can find the best itineraries and value based on your destination of choice. So go ahead – pick a place, any place.

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58 Stars is a luxury tour travel agency, specializing in luxury escorted tours, custom tours, luxury African safaris, and more. Our global connections run deeper and further—from airlines, cruise lines, hotels, tour companies, resorts, and more—which gives us an unmatched advantage in delivering amazing luxury tours for our clients. When it comes to our luxury tour company, luxury tour travel means more to us than just 5-star hotels. It means crafting a personalized luxury tour itinerary and delivering a custom tour that you’ll remember forever. We love travel. And we’d love to be your luxury tour company. Let’s talk.