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Experience Europe’s Christmas Markets & All the Magic<br>TRAVEL LEADERS

December is an exciting time to be in Europe, with colorful holiday decorations on display and, of course, traditional Christmas markets where travelers can shop for unique gifts while sipping mulled wine or hot chocolate. Here are a few of our favorite places to take in all the cheer that Christmas has to offer.


How Escaping to Sunny Places Can Improve Your Health<br>Gill Lange <br>CULTURE TRIP

Heliotherapy has been practiced since the days of the early Greeks, and even the great Hippocrates was an advocate of the sun’s healing properties. Far from being dangerous, controlled and moderate exposure to sunlight has numerous benefits that can aid skin, bones and one’s mental mindset. Here are some great reasons to take that seaside vacation idea off the back-burner and start planning today.


Travel Positively Impacts A Child’s Future<br><strong>TRAVEL LEADERS</strong>

Sure, travel is fun and relaxing, but it can also be a learning experience, especially for the youngest members of your family.  Exposing children to a different part of the country — or the world — at an early age will create memories and impart skills that they will carry with them their entire lives.


A Wellness Vacation To Rejuvenate Your Soul<br><strong><strong>TRAVEL LEADERS</strong></strong>

With all of the demands of daily life, it can be difficult to take the time to focus on health and wellness. Hit reset with a revitalizing, custom self-care travel itinerary designed for body, mind and soul – allowing you to come back recharged and ready to take on all that life has to offer.


How One Marketing Executive Teamed Up with a Travel Veteran to Reinvent His Agency<br>Kerry Tice <br><strong>RAVEL MARKET REPORT</strong>

Sometimes how you look at things can make all the difference. In the case of 58 Stars Travel, it took someone on the outside looking in to do just that and take the former Passport Travel & Tours to the next level.


A Honeymoon for Every Season<br><strong><strong><strong>TRAVEL LEADERS</strong></strong></strong>

Weddings occur throughout the year, and so do honeymoons. While couples may have one set of factors to consider when deciding where to tie the knot, a different set comes into play for their honeymoon. From a new Travel Leaders Group survey, we name the best destinations, throughout the year, for your romantic escape. Of course, no matter where you go or when, you’ll experience food, culture and romance.


2019 Top Up & Coming Vacation Destinations<br><strong><strong><strong><strong>TRAVEL LEADERS</strong></strong></strong></strong>

If you’re thinking about a vacation experience beyond the usual destinations, consider some of the places that travel specialists have picked as the top up-and-coming international destinations. Iceland is the top up-and-coming destination in Europe, according to the results of Travel Leaders Group annual trends survey. Peru topped the list for locations in Central and South America, with Thailand number one for Asia/Southeast Asia and Tahiti coming in at the top for the Pacific region.


Expedition Cruisin<br><strong>Perry Lungmus</strong> <br><strong><strong>VP, TRAVEL LEADERS NETWORK</strong></strong>

Among the many ways to explore the world, I’m most excited about the evolution and growth in the category of expedition cruising. While purpose-built expedition passenger vessels have been around since the 1960’s, today there are myriad new vessel and destination opportunities. So, why consider expedition cruising now?


10 Reasons to Visit Qatar<br><strong><strong><strong><strong>TRAVEL LEADERS</strong></strong></strong></strong>

The tiny Persian Gulf nation of Qatar is a land of contrasts — massive desert sand dunes and an ultramodern capital with towering skyscrapers. It’s a place where visitors can enjoy all the luxuries of a 21<sup>st</sup>-century vacation while becoming immersed in an ancient culture. Here are ten ways that you can enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience on a trip to Qatar.


Business Travel: Cruise into Your Next Meeting<br><strong><strong><strong><strong>TRAVEL LEADERS</strong></strong></strong></strong>

If you’ve been thinking that it’s time for a change of pace at your next business meeting or corporate retreat, consider holding it on a cruise ship. You may be surprised by some of the advantages.


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