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POLAR EXPLORATION HAS LONG SPARKED TRAVELERS’ IMAGINATIONS. YOURS TOO?  Almost 12,500 miles separate the Arctic from the Antarctic; two ends of the world lying at opposite extremes of the planet. The Arctic region, or North Pole, is an ocean surrounded by land including several larger islands bordering Russia, Canada, Alaska, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Greenland. Antarctica, on the other hand, is a continent in the South Pole surrounded by water. Though the North and South Pole regions resemble each other — both cold with breath-taking scenery and amazing wildlife — they offer very different and unique natural spectacles. So, the question to you will be, dear traveler, where do you want to go — on an Arctic excursion, a luxury arctic cruise or an Antarctic adventure?

Antarctica travel

Icebergs, breaching whales, deep-diving seals, battling sea elephants, and cavorting penguins are just a few of the marvelous sights you can expect to encounter during your Antarctic adventure. With its glistening inlets, rocky cliff sides, pebbled beaches, and floating ice sculptures, the Antarctic Peninsula is the northernmost stretch of land on this continent and the most accessible. As the warmest part of the continent, it’s the breeding ground for Antarctica’s wildlife. For your Antarctic adventure, you’ll most likely venture there via luxury cruise ship, where you’ll enjoy comfort, warmth, and quality while aboard. Explore amazing terrain on shore or cruise iceberg-choked bays by zodiac. Kayak through the water, taking in the awe-inspiring beauty around you. You can even add scuba diving, hiking, and camping to your list through one of our luxury, high-end adventure tours. Photographers can experience tailored journeys and Antarctic adventures, photographing the magnificent ice formations, terrain, and wildlife. Our luxury partners and global connections offer seasonal Antarctic adventures that will be beyond your dreams – whether it’s a photography voyage, adventure tour, or a penguin safari.

Arctic travel

Torn and jagged mountains of ice, roaming polar bears, shy Arctic foxes, snowy owls, breaching whales, walruses, the elusive Narwhals, native peoples, and more. Your Arctic travel adventure will surely enamor you. By land or by sea? There are many ways to experience an Arctic vacation – luxury Arctic cruises, wilderness lodges, more traditional accommodations in hotels combined with day trips and Arctic excursions away from the main habitations. And different regions have different characteristics and must-see places. So, whether you’re an adventure seeker, nature enthusiast, or part of a family-friendly group tour, Arctic travel offers something for all, from many points across the Northern Hemisphere. From Canada, enjoy the Northern Lights of The Yukon and the barren tundra of the Northwest Territories. From Alaska, observe polar bears in the Port of Barrow. From Norway, delight in the up close and most accessible extreme tundra-type topography available. From Greenland, adventurers will delight with opportunities for fly fishing, sea angling, hiking, climbing, and paragliding. Mainland Norway is where you’ll enjoy a lively cultural scene and street life with lots of pubs and great beer. This Arctic vacation is guaranteed to be a breathtaking one.

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