South America vacations


SOUTH AMERICA DELIVERS REMARKABLE DIVERSITY – COLONIAL TOWNS, MONUMENTAL CITIES, SNOW-CAPPED ANDEAN PEAKS, MAGNIFICENT RAIN FORESTS ALONG THE MIGHTY AMAZON, WHITE SANDY BEACHES. The variety of landscapes are unmatched, and no matter what region you’re drawn to, South American vacations will leave you astounded. A luxury South American tour will take you on a journey of exploration, where you have to think a little, discover a lot, and experience a world that gets you craving more.

The 58 Stars specialty is to deliver a luxury experience that is custom crafted just for you, bringing you closer than ever to rare interactions you’d be hard-pressed to find on your own. Our goal is for you to conclude your South America vacation with a deeper appreciation of this captivating continent and inspire more conversation about a land that is so rich in history, beauty, and adventure. It’s time to experience South America. Your first luxury South America trip is just the beginning.

Brazil luxury travel

Known worldwide for its famous soccer team, the country is also known for its astonishing natural beauty, zest for life, and sun-kissed beaches. Rio de Janeiro is host to the world-famous Carnival celebration, the place to be in February famous for its fabulous parties, decadence, and wild and rhythmic-filled music. In the heart of Brazil is the mighty Amazon River, a must-visit according to our Brazil travel agent specialists, which features some of the best adventure vacations in the world, including trekking and ziplining. Want to see more of the nearly 4,500-mile Amazon? Take a luxury river cruise to experience Amazonian cultures and spectacular wildlife, including scarlet macaws, toucans, and howler monkeys. Brazil travel the right way, is to work closely with your Brazil travel agent specialists, to custom-craft an experience that will garner a lot of excitement – and maybe a little hip shaking, too.


Peru luxury travel

This is a country that is filled with incredible history, ancient festivals, and incredible ruins and natural wonder, a destination you don’t want to miss on your luxury South America trip. Home of the glorious Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, this architectural marvel was built over 500 years ago and is as breathtaking as it is astonishing. Peru also features stunning beaches and arid deserts that stretch from the Amazon rainforest to the Andes Mountains. Amazing experiences about here, and your 58 Stars Peru travel agent specialists will arrange whatever you fancy – a Shaman meditation ceremony, horseback riding on Peruvian Paso horses, a private excursion to Cusco. Anything’s possible on your luxury South American tours, and 58 Stars is ready to deliver.


Your luxury South America trips is not complete, without a visit to Argentina, delivering a vast natural wonderland, including the iconic peaks of the Andes and dramatic beauty and adventure of Patagonia, as well as wetlands, deserts, and deep blue lakes. Patagonia is sometimes considered “the end of the world,” and for good reason: its jagged mountain peaks, glaciers, seaside villages, and crystal lakes offer a terrain unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s a nature and adventure lover’s dream destination. Argentina also boasts the modern metropolis of Buenos Aires, with its incredible street life, gourmet cuisine and, possibly its greatest contribution of all, the tango. The steamy dance is an export that makes the country stand out as a must-visit on your luxury South American tour.

Chile luxury travel

This sliver of a country stretches from the planet’s driest desert to vast glacial fields. Chile has become an adventure lover’s dream, with world-class mountain climbing, alpine skiing, and even volcano boarding. Endless adventure on your luxury South America trip can be custom-crafted just for you. Chile is also renowned for its wines – explore Chilean wine country by horse, bike, or helicopter. It’s a land steeped in history and culture that features great food and nightlife, beaches, and natural wonders. How about an experience in the Atacama Desert, where you get a custom luxury South American tour with your personal astrological guide to explain the constellations, visits to local villages to view traditional crafts, and a traditional meal cooked in the desert. When you’re planning your next South America vacation, be sure to consider Chile – it’s a country on the rise, abundant with vibrancy and color, and a favorite amongst our South America travel agent specialists.

South America travel agent specialists

Our team of South America travel agent specialists are experts in the diversity of the continent. We offer Peru travel agent specialists, who will deliver rare interactions and custom experiences to Machu Picchu. Or, our Brazil travel agent specialists will work with you to craft something that meets your perfect sense of luxury. We’re here to personalize and custom-craft your luxury South America trip.


58 Stars is a luxury travel agency, specializing in South American vacations, luxury South American tours, and more. Our global connections, and specific connections that our South America travel agent specialists and Brazil and Peru travel agent specialists have made, run deeper and further—from airlines, cruise lines, hotels, tour companies, resorts, and more—which gives us an unmatched advantage in delivering amazing luxury South American vacation experiences for our clients. Luxury vacations mean more to us than just 5-star hotels. It means, allowing our South American, Peru, and Brazil travel agent specialists to craft a personalized luxury vacation you’ll remember forever. We love travel. And we’d love to be your South American vacation travel agency, letting our South America travel agent specialists, including our Peru and Brazil travel agent specialists, bring you custom crafted luxury South American tours and vacations. Let’s talk.