Your Luxury Family Vacation Packing List

Traveling with family is always an exciting affair, but ensuring you’ve packed everything you need can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Luxury family travel should be all about relaxation and enjoyment, so we’ve compiled a list to help you pack all the essentials, including a few extra items for the kids to ensure they are comfortable and enjoy the trip as much as the parents. 

Snacks and Water Bottles
Pack a variety of your children’s favorite snacks to keep them satisfied during the trip. Opt for healthy, mess-free options like fruit slices, granola bars, and crackers. Don’t forget reusable water bottles to keep everyone hydrated. It’s not a bad idea to include some wet wipes for cleaning hands before and after snack time. 

Bring along a selection of your children’s favorite books, games, and toys to keep them entertained during the trip. You can also download movies or TV shows onto a tablet or portable media player for them to watch.  Don’t forget power cords and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones for each family member.

Clothing and Footwear
Pack enough clothing and footwear for the duration of your trip, taking into account any specific activities you have planned. Don’t forget swimsuits and swim goggles, sun hats, and comfortable walking shoes.

Comfort Items
If your children have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, be sure to pack it to provide them with a sense of comfort and familiarity during the trip. For older children and adults, consider packing a soft eye mask, a lightweight blanket, and a supportive neck pillow. These small additions can make a big difference in your travel experience.

Personal Care Items and Medication
Bring along your favorite skin and haircare products and don’t forget any prescription medications. If you or your children wear prescription glasses, it’s always a good idea to bring a back up pair. For families with babies and young children, bring a supply of diapers and changing supplies, and include swim diapers.

First Aid Kit
A child-friendly first aid kit is essential for any family vacation. Include in your kit band-aids, antiseptic wipes, OTC medicines such as pain relievers or allergy medicine and don’t forget the sunscreen. Also, bring your health insurance cards in case you or your children need medical attention while traveling.

Car Seats and Strollers
If you’re traveling with young children, don’t forget to bring along the necessary car seats and strollers. Check with your airline or hotel in advance to see if they have any available for rent if you prefer not to bring your own.

When traveling with children, it is important to have the appropriate identification to ensure a smooth journey, especially when traveling internationally. Remember to bring a valid passport for everyone in the family. Some airlines and border control agencies may require a copy of your child’s birth certificate as proof of age and parentage.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance
Investing in a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers everything from trip cancellations to medical emergencies will give you peace of mind and allow you to fully enjoy your vacation.

Accompanying Nanny or Au Pair
Traveling with a nanny or au pair can certainly make a luxury family vacation more enjoyable and relaxing for parents. There are some key considerations to keep in mind when bringing along additional help:

  • Accommodation: Ensure that your accommodation has sufficient space for your nanny or au pair. They should have their own bedroom or sleeping area to ensure they have privacy and can rest properly. Check in advance if your hotel or rental property can provide an extra bed or cot if needed.
  • Work Hours: Clearly communicate your expectations regarding work hours during the trip. A vacation schedule should be established, with specific times for work and rest. Make sure to comply with any applicable labor laws regarding work hours and breaks.
  • Activities: Discuss any specific activities or excursions you have planned and whether you expect the nanny or au pair to accompany the family. Make sure they are comfortable with any planned activities and that any additional costs are covered.

By following this essential packing list, you’ll be well-prepared and on your way for a memorable luxury family vacation. Now all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy your time away! Safe travels!

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