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BUT WHAT ABOUT AFTER THE BUSINESS TRIP? Companies are learning that employees who take vacations and disconnect from work for a bit are happier and far more productive. Thus, there’s an increasingly popular trend in luxury corporate travel of which we’re at the center. It’s called “bleisure” travel. That is, the blend of business and leisure travel in which companies allow employees to add vacation days to the beginning or end of their business trips. Luxury corporate travel clients engage us for their business leisure needs because of our corporate travel agent specialists’ ability to make these connections work seamlessly, giving employees a refreshing luxury business travel experience far beyond the conference room. Your employees are hard workers, and successful companies understand work-life balance. So, let our corporate travel agent specialists pull a business leisure travel program together for you that promotes the idea of work-life balance and how bleisure travel can work for the company and its employees.

Bleisure benefits

Although the term bleisure has only gained popularity in recent years, the art of adding leisure time on to business travel isn’t a new concept, but changes in attitudes regarding flexible working, such as work-from-anywhere policies and improvements in technology, have made luxury business travel, with the addition of leisure travel, easier for everyone. The days of exhausting travel to distant locations, only to turn around and go back home in 36 hours are over with our luxury business travel services – business leisure travelers are planning ahead and choosing to add a few extra days before or after their meetings to explore their travel destinations.

Reduce stress

Business travel can be tiring, especially to long-haul destinations and for frequent travelers. By giving employees the opportunity—or encouragement—to combine luxury business travel with leisure time helps prevent burnout, reduces stress levels, and helps maintain a more relaxed environment while away from home.

Increase productivity

Research has found that travelers who savor time spent on corporate trips by adding leisure time, or bleisure travel, often return with increased productivity and work more effectively.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is an important aspect of a healthy work environment, and it has many benefits. The idea of business leisure travel reinforces this concept by letting frequent business travelers enjoy a little extra time on the road with loved ones. It also enhances employee retention.

Reduce time away

Allowing employees to take advantage of bleisure trips means they’ll likely be spending less time out of the office. Instead of leaving for a week or two for a typical vacation, employees tend to tack on only a few days at the beginning or end of their business trip.