What is the Best Sandals Resort?

Now with 18 resorts on 8 different islands, it is harder than ever to choose which is the best Sandals Resort.

The good news is we can help. We have been to every Sandals Resort and were named a “Best of the Best” Travel by Sandals for 2024 and we are going to break down our picks of the best Sandals Resorts to help you narrow down your list before booking.

We’re going to start off by talking about our best of the best Sandals Resorts, and then we’re going to go into details about different things that certain people might prefer about each resort. 

Now, if this video doesn’t answer all of your questions, you can always contact us. We’d love to help you find the exact right resort for you, so let us know. 

Choosing a Sandals Resort Based on Price & Deals

Before we get started on our list of best Sandals Resorts, we know price makes a difference for everyone. We recommend checking for the latest deals and specials here when considering which resort you will book. For example, there may be a better deal at Sandals Royal Barbados with Sandals Barbados right next door.

Sandals Saint Vincent

We just arrived home from the best Sandals Resort! Sandal Saint Vincent has elevated the entire brand with this resort. First, the island is one of the least discovered islands in the Caribbean and you feel that on resort. Surrounded by mountains and a beach, the scenery is beautiful everywhere you look.

For food, the Sandals experience has been completely elevated, with a family-style restaurant with local food. Additionally, you have Butch’s Steakhouse, a staple restaurant for Sandals and several other unique concepts. Also new to Sandals is a salad restaurant for lunch time which may seem basic, but is a great addition for hot days where you just want a light bite to eat.

We found the locals to be very friendly, providing great service during our stay. The property is well maintained and since it is spread out there are bikes you can use to get from one side to the other.

The beach is nice with clear beautiful water and there are 4 pools to enjoy during your stay. The best pool in our opinion is the one to the best. It is close to several lunch options, the bar, and has views of the beach.

This is a Sandals 2.0 resorts and is clearly to us the best Sandals resort. The only con to the resort is there are limited options for flights.

Sandals Dunn’s River

For the best Sandals Resort that is also accessible, we pick Sandals Dunn’s River. The resort has amazing food, a beautiful beach, and several pools perfect for relaxing and it is easier to get to since it is in Ocho Rios Jamaica.

The resort has plenty of bars and restaurants, but the one that left a lasting impression on me is the Rum Bar. It opens at night and not only has unique cocktails, and a run menu, but also small bites that were some of my favorite foods on the resort. I also loved the Greek restaurant with the lamb and Greek salad.

Since it is located in Ocho Rios you are surrounded by several fun activities and if you want to you can go to Sandal Ochi next door for even more variety.

Sandals Grand St. Lucian

The first one is Sandals Grand St. Lucian. This resort is on the island of St. Lucia, which is stunning and one of our favorite islands. That puts this resort at the top of our list. It’s a modern and beautiful resort with a lot of really good food options. The beaches at the resort are great; there is one long beach. With that, you can either stay near the pool, where you’ll hear the DJ and the activities going on, or you can be on the other end where it’s much quieter. The water is very clear and a beautiful color blue, so you can go snorkeling right there. There are a lot of water sports, including water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, and things like that. You can take off to go scuba diving or snorkeling right there at the dock.

We found that there were a lot of groups at this resort and a lot of weddings, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this is a great resort for that. But also, we had fun just the two of us not getting married, so it’s great for that as well. We’ll talk about this a bit more later, but we enjoyed the excursions from this place. 

One thing to note, though, is that all of the Sandals Resorts on St. Lucia are on the opposite side of the island from the airport. It’s about an hour and a half windy, long drive, and we’ve heard a lot of people complain about motion sickness getting from the airport to the resort. There are two ways that we circumvent this, and we recommend both. Number one, we took a boat ride from the airport to the resort, and that was stunning and fabulous. We were escorted by a group of dolphins. And we got to see beautiful landscapes around St. Lucia, and we had a really good time. That also took about an hour and a half but was fun. 

On the way home, we took a helicopter ride which took 12 minutes, so it was super fast, and you get to see the landscape of St. Lucia. So, you do have options if you are concerned about motion sickness.

Sandals Regency La Toc

This resort is up on a hill, so there’s part of it that’s down towards the beach, a little bit more flat, and then higher up on a hill, you get these gorgeous Sunset Bluff views. That’s where we stayed, and we had a really good time here. 

We had a stunning view of the sunset, and we liked the service here. We felt like the Butler Service specifically went above and beyond, and they helped us get from the top of the hill to the bottom with their golf carts. But if you don’t get Butler’s service, there is a shuttle that can take you up and down, unless you want to walk. It is walkable as well.

This resort also has an amazing beach but different. Instead of the calm waters, it has a lot of movement, sometimes fairly tough waves. They put out different flags based on the current of the day, it could be green, yellow, or red. So here, there are a lot of yellow and red days. That doesn’t mean you can’t swim because we swam, and we had a lot of fun. It just means that you can’t go kayaking and use the water sports equipment on those red days. 

So, that is something some people prefer Grand St. Lucian for if they want calm water all the time. But the nice thing about all of the resorts in St. Lucia is that you have transfer service to all of them. So, if you want to stay at one and visit the others, you could do that.

Sandals Grenada

Next up is Sandals Grenada, and this is a perfect resort for a really all-around experience. There’s great service, it is fairly flat, and you can walk from one end to the other easily. It has once again a wonderful beach. 

I think my favorite beach of them all because there was a little movement, but it’s protected by rocks, and so that has created a great place to go snorkeling. I like to swim laps and stuff, and that was a great place for me to do that. So overall, really great resort. 

Another thing I liked about this resort is Dan and I are more on your chill, quiet, keep-to-ourselves side of things, but a lot of people like a party. They like the music, they like the performances, and on this resort, where the party was happening, was at this beautiful pool near this beautiful landscape area. 

It was kind of in that one area, I mean it’s a large main part of the resort, but it was separated by a lot of stuff, and then there was the quiet pool and the beach. So, there being a lot of music or movement happening at one pool didn’t impact us at all at the quiet pool. I felt like we were able to choose what kind of day we wanted to have, if we wanted to go to the party, or if we wanted to just relax by the pool or by the beach. 

I liked that all of the restaurants were kind of in a more central area, so it wasn’t like we had to go on an adventure to go find lunch or dinner. They also had buffets which we enjoy because it makes the dining experience very fast because it’s reliant on how fast you want to eat, but there was really good variety, and you could see it all. So that was a good change of pace for us as well. 

One other good thing we loved about Sandals Grenada is the beach chairs were available all the time, so it wasn’t like a race to get your chair in the morning. Any time of day, you could go find an empty chair on the beach.

Sandals Royal Curacao

Next up is Sandals Royal Curacao. Now, at the time of filming this, this is the newest Sandals resort to have opened, and for me, it is the place with the best food of all the Sandals Resorts. So, because this is the latest Sandals Resort, it’s actually what they are calling Sandals 2.0. 

They have a lot of new concepts that they’re just trying out on this resort, and I think they’re doing a great job. The biggest thing for us was the food. Now, a lot of the Sandals Resorts have similar food concepts, but this resort took it all to the next level. There were food trucks that we enjoyed, as well as really interesting dining experiences, beautifully decorated, which created an intimate romantic experience for us, and the food was good, and we enjoyed it. 

Another feature of this resort that is iconic is the double-decker infinity pool overlooking the ocean. If you’ve seen any photos of this resort, I’m sure this is what you’ve seen, and it is super cool. It’s beautiful, and you can see people swimming in there, and it’s just a really good vibe, a good place to hang out.

Now, they do have a ton of entertainment there all day long, so if you’re looking for that, that’s great, or if you’re looking for something more quiet, you know we enjoyed our swim-up suite and there are two other pools to choose from. 

One thing to mention is the beach. It is not your typical Sandals beach. It’s actually on an inlet that is separated by a dock, so a lot of people still liked it, and you know, there are beach chairs available all day, which is great, but some people are looking more for that typical Sandals Caribbean beach, and this won’t quite give that to you. 

The other thing is with the partying that’s available at that main pool, you do hear a lot of the entertainment throughout the resort, so some areas are much further away. We didn’t stay in those areas, you know, there was that area by the back hill, I don’t know what it’s called, but there are some rooms that are further away from where the party is happening. But this is going to be a great resort if you love the party, and if you’re looking for quiet, you might want to make sure to reserve a room that’s on the far end of the resort, so you’re not as impacted by all the singers and dancers and things that are happening throughout the day.

In the evening, one last thing that we do want to note is that something else that makes this resort unique is that it is on a Dutch island. Curacao is a Dutch island, and that sets it apart from other Sandals resorts because other Sandals resorts are on islands that are used to catering to American and British audiences. 

We felt that the service, especially with people native to Curacao, definitely was different, and I think it’s going to take them a little while to adjust a little bit further towards the American and British audience. It wasn’t like it was bad service; we got prompt service. It just was a marked difference, and so something to note if you do book there is that that might be why you might be experiencing some of the difference.

Sandals Royal Barbados

This resort is connected directly to Sandals Barbados, which means you get two resorts in one. The difference with this one is that it’s a little bit more modern and a little bit more updated, so we felt like the accommodations were a little bit nicer than Sandals Barbados. 

The beach here is my personal favorite. I thought it was stunning, the water is gorgeous and warm, and pretty calm, and there are a lot of pools in a lot of different areas, so there’s something for everyone. There’s also what they call, a sun, a sky view pool that overlooks the sunset and the sunrise with a really cool bar up there, so a lot of really cool things going on at this resort. Yeah, they have even a bowling alley and a ton of dining options since you have the dining options of both resorts, and they recently opened up a new area that has a farm-to-table concept, which is where probably my favorite meal at any Sandals resort that we’ve stayed at. So really love having that great variety to choose from.

The other thing that I will say about Barbados is I felt like the staff was so much fun. We had the best time with them. So yeah, that’s contributed to why we put this one in our top five. 

Now, we have our overall top five Sandals Resorts, but we also know that everyone is looking for something a little bit different in their vacation. So we’re going to go by category, things that question people have asked us or things we know people are looking for, to help you pick and choose which resort might be right for you. 

Easiest Sandals Resort to get to

So, the first category we are going to talk about is which Sandals Resort is the easiest to get to. We know that a lot of people want to get from their stressful jobs and their stressful times at home straight into the pool as quickly as possible.

So, from our top five, we have Sandals Grenada, which is only five minutes from the airport. 

There’s also Sandals Montego Bay and Sandals Royal Caribbean, which are close to the airport. You’re going to hear the jet noise at those two resorts, which some people mention about Sandals Montego Bay, you’re going to hear it regularly, but it is only during the middle of the day. 

The closest to the US is Sandals Royal Bahamian, and that is about a 10-minute drive from the airport. Then also, from our top five, is Sandals Royal Barbados, which is about a 15-minute drive from the airport. Additionally, Sandals Antigua is also 15 minutes from the airport.

Most Affordable Sandals Resorts 

Next are the resorts for people looking for the most affordable Sandals Resort. In general, the most affordable Sandals resorts are in Jamaica. We have an entire video comparing all the resorts in Jamaica, but we will give you our top picks for the most budget-friendly resorts in Jamaica right now.

The first of those is Sandals Negril. Sandals Negril is on this beautiful long beach and has the most gorgeous sunsets. We felt like this was one of the most romantic resorts you could go to, and overall a really good experience, especially if you’re into water sports. 

Next up is the most affordable Sandals Resort overall and also the largest Sandals Resort, and that’s Sandals Ochi. Because it’s so large, there is a ton of things to do there. We enjoyed actually splitting up for some time. So Dan went scuba diving while he was there, and I sat by the pool and ate pizza. There were a lot of pools, so definitely some more party pools, some medium party pools, that’s where I sat at, where there was music but it wasn’t bumping, and then there are also like quiet pools where noise is not allowed. 

So I think there’s a little bit of something for everyone here. 

Sandals South Coast is also very affordable. A lot of people like Sandals South Coast because it’s a bit far away from any towns or cities, so it feels a little bit more secluded. When you go on excursions from South Coast, it’s not going to be as crowded. There are several large pools there. 

Now, if you want to go outside of Jamaica we recommend Sandals Antigua for a solid Sandals experience. We felt like it was super well-staffed and enjoyed our time at the pool. The beach was good. Overall, we enjoyed this resort, and it is on the more affordable end. Now, they are starting to update Sandals Antigua, so we don’t know how much longer it will be on the list of most affordable, so book it soon.

Best Sandals Resort for the Beach

This next category is something we know is super important for a lot of people who want a great beach, and that is which Sandals Resorts are the best for beaches. 

Starting with my favorite, we’re going to go with Sandals Royal Barbados, which also is Sandals Barbados because they’re connected. I mentioned this before, the beach here was my favorite. It was calm and warm and beautiful, and we, I think, spent the most time in the water at the beach at this resort. 

Now, one possible downside of this is that everyone wants a beach chair, and if you are not up by six or seven in the morning to claim your beach chair, you might be out of luck and might need to go find a chair elsewhere around the resort by a pool. There are tons of chairs all over the resort, so it’s not like you won’t have one, it’s just those beachfront chairs might be a little bit more difficult to come by. 

One other way of getting around that is if you do reserve a room that comes with a butler, your butler can take care of this for you, so just something to note about how popular that beach is there. 

My favorite resort for a beach is Sandals Grenada. I think we already mentioned this when we talked about the top five, but they have a little rock-enclosed area that still has a little bit of waves, the water’s clear, and it’s great for snorkeling. There’s a lot of fish there, so yeah, I really loved that, the beach at Sandals Grenada. 

Sandals Grand St. Lucian also has an amazing beach that is very calm, perfect for snorkeling, and very long, so there’s a lot of space for everyone. 

Last is in the Bahamas, Sandals Emerald Bay. Now when we were there, we experienced quite a bit of seaweed in the water. I think that’s just a short seasonal thing. We heard it only lasted a few months, but we enjoyed the beach even with the seaweed. I will say, that we took an excursion that took us to some other islands that weren’t receiving that seaweed, and it was the most stunning water I think we saw in our entire experience going to Sandals. So, you know, if the beach is usually like that, I would say 10 out of 10 would recommend it. The beach is so long that even when there was seaweed, we found areas that didn’t have any and enjoyed the beach that way. Yeah, and they were swift at cleaning it up, we saw the machines out there.

Best Sandals for Excursions

Some people like to just stay in a resort and relax their entire vacation, but there are also a lot of people who want to go out and do a lot of things during their trip. I think we’re kind of in between, but now we’re going to share with you the Sandals Resorts that have the best excursions. 

I think one of my very top favorite things we did the entire time was at Sandals Emerald Bay in the Bahamas. We did the swimming with the pigs excursion, which is a hundred percent absurd, but we had so much fun. I even got kicked by a pig and got really bruised on my leg, and I still was like living my best life. It was so much fun. 

You take a boat out, you feed some pigs, they come to swim out to you, and then not only that, but we went to a different island that was inhabited by all these giant iguanas, and we fed them grapes. Then we went on a little hike on a different island, and I mentioned that we got to see some of the most beautiful water that we had seen the entire time. So we loved the excursion from Sandals Emerald Bay.

Another great area is the Ocho Rios area of Jamaica, which has three Sandals Resorts. From there, there is Blue Hole, you can go to, there’s tubing, and there is, of course, the famous Dunn’s River Falls that you can visit. So there’s just a ton of variety, and they have a golf course that you can go to, which is included in your stay at Sandals Resorts. So, there are a ton of things to do if you stay at any of the resorts in the Ocho Rios area.

All three of the resorts in St. Lucia are also great for excursions. First, you have the coming and going from the resort, which can be an excursion on its own. We had a great time on the ferry from the airport to the resort and the helicopter rides back. But then, there are several other excursions that you can go to. We went to a volcanic mud bath situation, which was kind of fun, and then there were a lot of catamaran rides and things like that that could keep you busy.

And the other excursion that I think is a contender for one of our favorite things that we did was in Barbados. We did snorkeling around a shipwreck, and they had the most incredible sea life down there. Plus, the shipwreck was awesome, and the vibes on the boat were 10 out of 10. We mentioned that we really enjoyed the culture of the people of Barbados, and we just had the best time. This is an excursion that we know people book over and over again because it’s so fun, even if they’ve experienced it once before. So we recommend this excursion. And if you like jet skis, there are jet skis right on the beach that are an outside vendor, but you can just pay one of them to go on a fun jet ski ride.

Best Sandals Resorts for Romance

We know a lot of couples are going to a Sandals Resort for romance, so we want to talk about the top Sandals Resorts for romance. For me, one of the top resorts is Sandals Negril in Jamaica, partially because the sunsets are so stunning, and because the resort is very spread out. I felt like there was a lot of seclusion and privacy, and you could have that romantic beachfront dinner with the sunset if you wanted to. So we felt like that was a romantic resort.

Any of the resorts in St. Lucia are perfect for a romantic getaway. I think I would go towards La Toc as the most romantic because you have the sunset views from the cliffs and a quieter area in case you want that, while there’s also, you know, the beach area with the pools that are a bit more lively. But overall, all three resorts in St. Lucia are going to be quite romantic if that’s what you’re looking for. 

And last is Sandals Grenada. We just felt like this was a lush, beautifully gardened resort. The resort was new and modern, and I felt like the staff just really helped us to have a romantic experience. So this was a good solid overall romantic resort. They also have some nice piers where you can go and have a seat and just enjoy the sounds of the ocean together. Yeah, overall, Sandals Grenada is great, but as far as romance, Sandals is focused on couples, so you can have a great experience and have some romance at pretty much any Sandals Resort.

Best Sandals Resort for the Pools

For some people, the pools are equally or more important than the beach. So here are the top Sandals Resorts if you’re looking for the best pools. Now, the most iconic is the double-decker infinity pool at Sandals Royal Caribbean. This is stunning, and all of your pictures will look incredible. A lot of people were in this pool just having a great time. It was also really large and had two sections, so it never felt crowded. I never felt like we were spending that much time even bumping into other people. We loved that pool. Yeah, there’s also a swim-up bar, and there are two other pools to choose from as well. 

Next is Sandals Ochi, which has a ton of pools. There are actually over 100 pools because a lot of them are semi-private suites, but there are five main pools. So you have a lot to choose from. There’s the Great House Pool, which is the largest and kind of the most exciting with DJs and activities throughout the day. And then there are several other pools you can choose from, each with its different vibe, including some that are extremely quiet. There’s one called the Hidden Pool, which doesn’t have any music at all, and so everything in between. So if you’re looking for pools, you can choose from several at Sandals Ochi. I don’t know if this means anything, but I felt like we made the most friends at the pools in Ochi. I felt like especially in that main pool, we met a lot of really cool people.

Another great resort for pools is Sandals South Coast. There’s a huge main pool and then there are two other very large pools as well, so there’s plenty of room for everybody. And last, we recommend Sandals Antigua. This pool was just a good time. We, I think, spent the most time at the pool here. There was a lot of space around the pool to sit, and we felt like for us, the vibes were like the music was good, but it was not overbearing, so we could relax and enjoy ourselves. And yeah, I think we just had a really good time at this pool. Yeah, and then several other pools are quieter throughout the resort.

Best Sandals Resorts for a Party

Now, if you love a good party, there are several Sandals Resorts that are going to be awesome for you. First up, we recommend Sandals Ochi because there are a lot of different things happening not only during the pool time with music and games and fun but also they have this cool hidden bar, a speakeasy, so we enjoyed the nightlife atmosphere happening there. And because the resort is so large, there were just a lot of different options to choose from. 

Also in Jamaica is Sandals Montego Bay, and this resort is the original Sandals and is spread across a very large beach. We found a couple of different areas that were full of people looking to party. We felt like the staff was particularly special at this resort. Like, we had the best time, they were getting everybody, even when it was pouring down rain, out to dance and just let loose. Honestly, that’s not usually our vibe, but we had the best time.

Another resort that is getting known for its party vibe is Sandals Royal Curacao. What they are going for here is that live performance element. In that stunning double-decker infinity pool overlooking the beach during the day, they have singers dancers, and live performances coming to you in the pool. They also had fire dancers in the evening and a lot of things going on. So, they’re really, even though they’re a newer resort, really amping up their reputation for a party.

Quietest Sandals Resort

If you’re looking for the opposite of that, which is quiet, then we have a couple of resorts for you. First, we recommend Sandals Royal Plantation. There are a couple of reasons why this resort is a little bit quieter. It’s right next to Sandals Ochi, so you can hop over at any time and have that party over at Ochi. But Sandals Royal Plantation is a butler suite exclusive resort, and so it’s also a lot smaller and more intimate. 

We had a good relaxation experience here. We felt taken care of. The butlers were always coming and making sure we had everything that we needed, and the vibe was just a little bit more of a homey, family vibe. We talked about this in our Jamaica overall Sandals review video, that when someone goes to get married at Sandals Royal Plantation, everyone at the resort kind of stops and claps and cheers for them and kind of sings along with the song that they’re playing. It’s a nice, more intimate resort, and we had some great conversations with people at this resort. So, I felt like it was great for that more intimate, quiet vibe.

The other one is Sandals Halcyon, located in St. Lucia. This resort is also on the smaller end of things, so there are just fewer people, and it has the longest pool in the Caribbean, so there are plenty of places along the way where you can just have your quiet little area all to yourself. I just think the demographic here is a little bit older and quieter. You know, we even had fun there; I remember one morning, we did water aerobics in the pool and had a great time. So, anyway, fun resort, but it is definitely on the quieter end. One other benefit is that you can still go 20 minutes in either direction to get to one of the other Sandals resorts to give a little variety to your stay.

Best Sandals Resort for Scuba

One amazing benefit of staying at a Sandals Resort is the scuba opportunities that they have. I didn’t do any of that; Dan did all that, so I’m going to let him talk about which resorts are best for scuba. 

Alright, so first, I’ll start with Jamaica, which is where I learned to do scuba diving, and the best resort there for scuba is Negril because it is the closest to a bunch of different dive sites, and they pick you up right from the beach, so you get there very quickly. Next is probably my favorite overall scuba, and that’s because I saw a shark, and that is at Sandals Grenada. Another place where I saw a ton of coral and fish like I was in an aquarium, was in Sandals Barbados. And then Sandals Grande St. Lucian as well was great. The one thing I would say about St. Lucia is only the Grand St. Lucian picks you up from the resort; for the other ones you have to take a shuttle to get to a dock to get picked up to go scuba diving. It was only 10 minutes, not a big deal, but just something to keep in mind.

Best Sandals Resort for Weddings

Okay, now let’s talk about the best resort for weddings. Sandals Montego Bay, is the OG Sandals Resort, and they have two beautiful options for your wedding. One, they have an over-the-water chapel, which truly is stunning. But they also have a more traditional Catholic chapel, which is unique to this resort. So, regardless of whether you are looking for that over-the-water experience or if you want a more traditional vibe, you have both of them there at Sandals Montego Bay. 

Sandals South Coast is another great option. They do have the over-water chapel there as well, and there’s a variety of price points at this resort. So, if you’re having a lot of people come with you, it will allow them to get something within their budget instead of like some of the other resorts where they don’t have that kind of lower end for the budget. So, I think that works great, and we just saw a lot of groups there having a lot of fun. There were a lot of options beyond the over-water chapel, like on the beach that people were taking advantage of.

And last, we have Sandals Grand St. Lucian. We saw a lot of groups here and some really beautiful weddings, so we know that this is popular for a lot of people. Plus, it is in stunning St. Lucia. Those Tetons are just iconic. So, if you’re going to choose a destination wedding with those beautiful iconic backgrounds, it’s a great spot.

Our Personal Favorite Sandals Resorts

So we kind of covered this in our overall most favorite Sandals Resorts, the ones that we recommend the most, but we did want to talk about our specific favorites because our favorites are different, and we thought that might be helpful to you. 

So, my (Michelle) favorite Sandal resort were Sandals La Toc in St. Lucia and Sandals Royal Barbados. Sandals La Toc is stunning. We had great service, and I was charmed and dazzled by the landscape of St. Lucia, so I enjoyed this resort. 

Sandals Royal Barbados, I enjoyed the food concepts there. I had my favorite beach, the pools were great, and it was so big that I felt like there was a lot for us to discover and explore. You know, we spent an evening bowling, which is not a thing that we usually do at all, but because it was available to us, we got to do it together. So, I enjoyed Sandals Royal Barbados.

My favorite Sandals Resort is Sandals Grenada. I just think it was the best overall, and it was my personal favorite for the beach. I felt like it had a really beautiful combination of landscaping and greenery and privacy, as well as a nice modern resort and a nice beach. So, overall, it’s just a really solid choice. And second would be Sandals Royal Curacao, and that just proves how important food is to me because that is where they shine.

Sandals Dunn’s River 

Last, something we want to talk about is the newest Sandals resort that is opening up about a month from today as we film this, which is Sandals Dunn’s River in Jamaica. We haven’t been there, so we can’t tell you what it’s like, but we can tell you what we think it will be like and give you some advice there. So, Sandals Dunn’s River is going to have new concepts as far as food goes. I think only one is also going to be the same as that’s at Sandals Curacao, and I love that one, so I think that’s going to be great. They’re also going to have new suites available, including some Rendezvous that are going to have sky views on top. And we know there’s going to be a ton of great excursions in the area to choose from, and you can always go to Sandals Ochi if you want to see another resort during your stay. It’s going to be very close by with a shuttle service.

They have a lot of resorts in Jamaica, and we know that the majority of really excellent Sandals employees come from Jamaica. So we feel pretty confident that they’re going to nail this opening. But, you know, just to be safe, if you want to wait it out a little bit just to make sure that they have an opportunity to iron out any of the details, that might be a thing you might want to do. But we’re excited to go and check it out. Yeah, we’ll be there pretty much as soon as we can make it, then you’ll get a new video from us.

Yeah, so stay tuned to our channel for that, and again, we have even more videos coming out about every single Sandals resort that we visited. We just wanted to get this all-encompassing Best Sandals Resort video out to you first. So, if you like this video, we hope that you will subscribe to our channel, follow along with us on Instagram on HoneymoonAlways, and send us an email if you have any questions or need any recommendations about which Sandals to go to. And most importantly, we hope you use the link in our description to help book your next Sandals stay. We’ll talk to you later. 

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